New Perspectives. New Possibilities. New Pathways.

Are you and your people experiencing God’s newness; experiencing it as God intended?

Our sole purpose at The Cornerstone Community is to help Christ-following leaders and communities process change and complete transitions in ways that are consistent with God’s character and aligned with God’s purposes. We believe better change makes for better communities.

Change… transitioning… newness; that’s our field and forte. We’re about ‘the how’ of change not ‘the what’. You can trust us to help whatever your situation because we’re topically neutral.

If you’re currently just considering and actually going through some sort of change or transition, we can likely help with expert services or support and facilitation.

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Expert Services

We’re committed to delivering outstanding service and helpful expertise; so much so that we put our commitments into writing. View our Service Promise and Experts’ Pledge:

The Cornerstone Community’s Service Promise

The Cornerstone Community’s Experts’ Pledge

How might one of the following expert services be of value to your congregation, denomination, or organization?

Expert Guidance

for leaders – a three-part customized service focused on your priorities

Wanting to seize a new opportunity? Determined to move forward in the right direction and at the right pace? Wrestling with a difficult change-related issue? Dealing with conflicts? Stuck in a rut?

Whatever your situation may be… some objective, expert guidance obtained through a private consultation can be invaluable; providing perspective and peace-of-mind. There’s no need to travel anywhere, incur big expenses, or announce your interest in getting some objective, expert insights. Now you can schedule a private, one-hour, confidential appointment with an experienced change expert whose approach is practical and biblically-grounded.

Straight-forward. Affordable. Private. Strictly confidential. Conveniently toll-free.


Expert-On-Call Program

for congregations and organizations working through change and transitions.

Whenever considering or embarking on an initiative that involves change, Christian congregations and organizations are often blessed with significant professional expertise in their own midst. Yet as diverse as that expertise may be, seldom does it include specific expertise in change processing and transitioning. Even in those rare situations where a change professional is a member of the church or organization, it’s still difficult to obtain an impartial point-of-view and objective guidance.

You could hire a traditional external consultant, but that typically involves a commitment for a minimum number of days and often involves travel expenses. Now, you have an economical and effective option. Our Expert On-Call service enables you to retain a change expert who can be accessed by telephone or e-mail on  a priority basis for a specific hours per month. Then, if you require more professional input or assistance, you’ll benefit from preferred rates and priority access as an Expert On-Call Program member.

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Support and Facilitation Services

“…thanks and appreciation for your leadership of the long range planning process and recent Summit… We also appreciate your guiding hand through the Appreciative Inquiry process and leading us through meaningful discussions at the Summit.”

Chair, Board of Deacons

Process Guidance and Project Support

Does your church or community want to develop a long-range plan, evaluate possible expansion or consider new ministries?

We can provide expert guidance, support services, and even encouragement; yet what’s always essential to remember is that each initiative will always be yours. We can provide a piece, but ultimately the project is really yours, not ours. That’s why whenever we provide process guidance or project support services you make the key decisions, not us.

While we provide oversight, recommendations, and once in a while facilitation of the change process, the change product will always be yours; because you’re the ones who must take it in and live it out.


Group Facilitation – Bridge Building

Has your church or organization encountered a few pitfalls as it commenced some change? Perhaps people have become polarized, good people are doing unusual things, and your exciting initiative has become bogged down.

Time for some serious bridge-building, or maybe bridge rebuilding? Need to mend some fences and repair some relationships? Do you sense urgency to refocus on possibilities rather than on problems? Want to change a debate into a dialog?

An experienced, expert, and objective third-party can make a big difference. Talk with us; we may be able to help.


Appreciative Inquiry Initiatives (Journeying to Higher Ground)

What are you seeking to discover together as a community? How about journeying together to higher ground?

Team building with ministry personnel. Involving more laypeople in ministry. Seizing new opportunities without getting rid of treasured traditions. Integrating newcomers into your congregation.

None of these things are really about programs; they’re about effective process.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a proven, participative process that draws a congregation’s people, ministries, and ideas together into life-giving dialog, focused on discovering and engaging common purposes and efforts.

The key to this widely-recognized process is found in how it focuses everyone’s attention on life-giving realities; consciously engaging people in focused conversations about their best memories, highest values, and greatest hopes. When AI is implemented well a Christian congregational or organization begins to live our Phil 4:8; fixing its thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Soon the congregation finds itself thinking about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

Appreciative Inquiry is often described as organic; growing out from what God has placed in the hearts and minds of his people. Congregations come to life as they begin to sense what God is willing to do when they are open and available to God’s leading. Once AI is introduced to a congregation, it’s natural for the process to live on.