We release a new 10-12 minute episode daily, Monday through Friday.

Listen at your desk or download to your portable MP3 player. Taking a walk? Heading to the beach? Going hiking? Relaxing on the porch for a quiet evening? Just chillin’ with family or close friends? Take a few episodes along; they travel well… and they’re free!

Provoked to Newness … perfect for anyone who seriously seeks God’s newness.

Eavesdrop on conversations with some of Christianity’s leading innovators, brightest minds, and respected difference-makers as they talk about their own change stories, what changes they feel are most urgently needed, or how they collaborate with others to nurture God’s newness. Great for personal devotions, staff meetings, or small groups.

For Individuals – Ideas, Insights, and Inspiration

New ideas? Fresh insights? Intelligent inspiration? Provoked to Newness podcast episodes deliver big. Spend time discovering God’s newness with some of Christianity’s brightest minds, interesting innovators, and scholarly servants.

For Staff Meetings – Sense and Substance

Imagine having one of Christianity’s greatest thinkers or difference-makers in your next staff meeting. Provoked to Newness episodes make it possible. Include an  outstanding author, educator, film-maker, musician, scientist, scholar, or social activist who’s making a meaningful differences. Why not kick-off your next staff meeting with Walter Brueggemann, Marva Dawn, Andy Crouch, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, Reggie McNeal, Constance Cherry, Ron Sider, Vishal Mangalwadi or another guest from our steadily-growing list of interview guests. Then, have a discussion about what you and your people heard. Consider possible applications and implications in your own context.

For Small Groups – Dynamic Discussions

Experience something new in your small group. Re-engage people in great discussions.

Provoked to Newness podcast episodes enable your small group to listen in on short, focused conversations with Christian thinkers and doers: authors, educators, film-makers, musicians, scientists, scholars, and social activists who are making meaningful differences in the lives of many people in so many places. Invite a different guest to each group meeting. Have a guest back for several meetings; work through a series. Use these audio resources to challenge and involve your small group members.