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Wise Words from a Colleague

Recently I reconnected with a colleague whom I first met a long time ago. It seems to be a time for reconnecting. Jim Craig is worth hearing. He is knowledgeable, level-headed, and insightful. He also loves Jesus and demonstrates rigor and diligence in studying scripture.

Jim recently posted helpful remarks on The Christian Change Forum, which is something I launched about a month ago. It’s people like Jim who will make The Christian Change Forum initiative worthwhile.

I think you’ll see why. Here are Jim’s remarks as posted on The Christian Change Forum

My own work on change process in Scripture has affirmed this clear truth:

Change leaders understand that God uses the change process to transform not only the organization, but also the character of the leader. Under the stress of leading change the leaders’ past failures and insecurities will surface. Change initiatives will also serve to surface the idols in their lives and give them the opportunity to give up finding their security in their old ways and to find it instead in God Himself.

This leads in turn to what I call the Four Foundational Assumptions:

  1. You cannot change your church/organization. Only God can.
  2. God cannot change your church/organization unless He transforms your leadership.
  3. Your leadership cannot be transformed unless you begin to think differently.
  4. You cannot begin to think differently unless you begin to act differently (or have new experiences).

Thanks Jim for permitting me to share these wisdom insights on this blog.

Jim has just started writing Lifestream Blog at I encourage you to check out Jim’s blog.