Dr. Alan E. Brisco

Professional Profile

For over thirty years Alan Brisco provided consultation and expert guidance to address issues in human performance, organizational development, and change process within corporations and government departments. He was responsible for identifying issues, gathering internal and external resources, and guiding projects that ranged from short, simple projects to complex, multi-faceted, turnkey initiatives completed over many months; often requiring expertise from third-party subject matter specialists.

For three decades Alan’s served clients in banking and financial services, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology, and travel sectors. He worked internationally with corporations such as Air Canada, AT&T, Bank of Bermuda, Bell, Beneficial Group, Ciba-Geigy, Danone Group, DuPont, Holiday Inns, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Ortho, Ralston-Purina, Rand Worldwide, RBC, Shell, Xerox and others. Through these experiences, Alan developed high regard for the value of adhering to proven processes when pursuing worthwhile outcomes in the face of challenges. Alan developed a number of innovations for developing and sustaining performance improvement while demonstrating value for people, including a system that was introduced at the European Training and Technology event in Paris in 1991. He has also been a speaker and facilitator for a variety industry and association conferences.

Ministry Profile

For 30 years Alan and Janice, his wife, have assisted in both established congregations and church plant situations as lay worship planners/leaders and as Bible teachers. Alan has served as a choir leader, deacon, and chairman of various church boards. Since they were married in 1981, Alan and Janice have served in Baptist, Brethren, Christian & Missonary Alliance, Independent, Pentecostal, and Presbyterians congregations. They are familiar with diverse worship expressions including classical, traditional, contemporary, and convergent. They place high value on ‘community’ and ‘being missional’.

Educational Profile

Alan’s undergraduate studies at York University and Ryerson University were in business and economics. Then, he began studies as a Certified General Accountant, but determined a life in accounting was not for him. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. He also has professional training in instructional design, systems thinking, competency management, human performance technology, and appreciative inquiry.

Entering the new millennium, at the prompting of Robert Webber, Alan commenced graduate studies in theology, church history, contemporary culture, and worship ministry. His Masters thesis dealt with the role of language and symbol on spiritual formation and community. In 2010, Alan completed doctoral studies with his focus on processing change and transitions in ways that are consistent with God’s character and contribute to God’s purposes.


Listening. Group process. Facilitation. Writing. Speaking. Bridge-building. Change process and transition. Appreciative Inquiry.

Personal Goal

“Looking back upon my life, I believe God has equipped me with a combination of skills and insights gathered through my professional life, experiences obtained through serving in a variety of faith communities, and value derived through graduate studies in Christian theology, history, and mission. Now, my goal is to help fervent followers of Jesus Christ, whether individuals, communities of faith, or organizations, deal effectively with change as they seek to faithfully serve Christ and glorify God.”