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Two Parts – One Purpose

This site has two parts. Each provides a different approach; yet both are focused on the same objective – helping fervent followers of Jesus Christ work through change issues and initiatives in ways consistent with God’s character and contribute to God’s purposes.


The first part of this site provides written, spoken, and visual communication about change.

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  • The blog Wisdom for a Change… a unique application of special and general revelation on change - ‘God’s change, in God’s time, in God’s ways’.
  • Our quarterly newsletter Prolepsis…change-related trends, tips, techniques, tactics, and more focused on identifying and processing change ways that honor God
  • Our online broadcast Provoked to Newness… audio podcasts featuring Dr. Alan Brisco, guests speakers, and change-related interviews with on wide-ranging, change-related topics.

These communication resources provide Christ-followers with new insights, challenge deeper examinations, and generate conversations about how to think about, identify, process, and evaluate changes within their own unique contexts.


The second part equips and enables people to do change well in their own context. Doing change well includes recognizing what does not need to change.

We provide expert guidance for individuals and facilitation for groups.  We equip and enable individuals and communities through resources under the brand name The Cornerstone Community.


We’re not ‘for’ or ‘against’ for whatever change you might have in mind. We’re not about advocating specific changes or resisting others. Our approach to serving clients with change is to remain topically-neutral. We focus on ‘change’ itself, not the specifics of a change initiative. In fact, we believe one of the most important things Christ-followers can do today is to become more adept at ‘change’; to strengthen communities, to improve witness of Jesus as the Way-the Truth-the Life, to enhance missional focus and action, to develop greater Christ-likeness in individuals, and in all of this to glorify God.

Key Scripture Verses

Click here to see several Scripture verses that speak directly to understanding change in light of God’s character and purposes.